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Thermoplastic plastics come in almost as many forms as there are ideas in the mind of a mechanical engineer. In the world of high precision die-casting, critical components often require exotic or highly engineered compounds. The following technical high-performance plastics are processed;

  • PAI (polyamide-imide), with a high operating temperature in air (250 ° c), as well as good mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, a low-friction and wear behavior, expansion coefficient, very good intrinsic flame-retardant
  • PEEK (also filled with Teflon and/or carbon-and/or glass fill)
  • LCP (Cole fiber filled)
  • PPS (also with 40% glass filling)
  • PVDF (chemically high resistant
  • PPE (20% glass filling)
  • TPE's (from 0 to 70 Shore A)
  • All the usual engineering plastics (PA, POM, PBT, ABS, PS. PP etc.)

All these plastics can also be processed with all sorts of additives such as glass, carbon and color pigments. Also, most types of delivered and processed also in medical qualities.