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Quality Assurance

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Quality begins at the inception of every project. From the very first contact with H&P Moulding through to the delivery of the final parts, every phase is scrutinized and thoroughly checked for accuracy and consistency.

Each successful project begins in our tool and dies shop where moulds are carefully created or prepared for part(s) production. Once verified, the injection moulding proceeds. During production both visual and systemic monitoring ensures a first -class production run. We maintain a wide range of testing and calibration equipment.

Quality assurance is imperative to any micro-moulding operation. The ability to prove that parts are made to specification time and time again is where true capabilities are tested. This assurance comes in various ways.

Quality begins at the start of each project. Design for manufacturability reviews are performed to ensure the project is off on the right foot. Considerations for quality, the robustness of the process and the ability to inspect and measure happen as early in the process as possible.

From there control plans addressing critical features, FMEA results and other quality requirements are developed. High tech and low tech measurements are used depending on what’s appropriate. Measurement plans using precision gage pins, high resolution in-line vision systems may be employed where necessary. Verification of tool dimensions as well as finished part dimensions often requires high magnification microscopic measurements.

Product handling is also a necessary consideration. Surface contamination can be at a minimum a nuisance for parts this size. Delicate features need proper processes in place to make sure the product arrives to the customer undamaged. Automation and clean room moulding may be required.

Remember, being able to manufacture these parts consistently and repeat ably in both prototype volumes and high production volumes (millions+ parts per year) at affordable prices is H&P Moulding’s strength.

Even though high precision moulding and micro-moulding may seem new and novel, H&P Moulding has been in this business for more than three decades and has produced billions of these parts over the years. It’s where we started as a company, and it’s where we continue to grow, innovate and produce.